Month: May 2009

This is a BIG Deal

The G20 meeting here is a big deal. Not because you should believe all the nice things that will be said about our city in the next 6 months, but because others will.

Post-Gazette Lashes Out

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this morning lashed out against two campaigns for indirectly claiming that they received the paper’s endorsement when they did not. Luke Ravenstahl prominently displayed the headline “City Weathering Financial Storm” from the post-gazette. Choosing that headline over “Dowd for Mayor: The Councilman has the Drive to Make…

Sour Kraut

Been a while since I did a Sour Kraut post, but I had two things to comment on and neither comment required a full post. So, it seemed like a good time to drag back out the German delicacy. Mike Woycheck closed down his blog. He may end up best…


This is the 300th post to the Blog of Burgher Jon. A couple accompanying statistics: This is one of the slowest trecks to 300 ever (due to several periods of blog neglect, including my current one). The blog originally began 7/29/2007, it suffered a period of dormancy almost immediately and…


For those of you who are not plugged in to Jane Pitt or Pittsburgh Magazine on twitter. Something interesting may be happening.