Saturday Musings: An Open Note to Pittsburgh's Youth

Saturday Musings: An Open Note to Pittsburgh's Youth

Dear Youth of Pittsburgh,

I want to tell you about a sport that has more drama than football or hockey.  A sport where you can watch every play and see the skill of one man pitted against another.  One where you can see both individual excellence and team camaraderie displayed not once or twice a week, but 6 or 7 days a week.  You can get to know the broadcasters; one of whom is a local treasure who actually hit two holes in one in the same round.  You can do all this while only half paying attention and getting your homework done.  What is this enchanting, mystical sport?  Baseball and believe it or not, Pittsburgh has a team.

That’s right, that blue/beige building in the Heinz Field parking actually holds a third professional sports team in Pittsburgh; the Pittsburgh Pirates.  The Pirates actually predate the Penguins AND the Steelers.  I urge you to start to follow this rag-tag bunch of baseball players.  They are fun to watch, are quickly blossoming in to a good team and might inspire a lifetime love of a sport that’s easy to fall in love with.


Jonathan Cavell

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