Sunday Sauerkraut: The Definition Edition

Sunday Sauerkraut: The Definition Edition

Pickled Eisbein served with sauerkraut
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As I sat down to figure out what aspects of our favorite little German delicacy we could explore with today’s issue of Sunday Sauerkraut, a question hit me.  Why do they call sauerkraut, sauerkraut?  I mean what does the word actually mean?  A little googling later, I have the answer and a great tidbit to share with you this Sunday.  Turns out, it’s as simple as you might expect.  In German, “sauer” means “sour” and “kraut” means “cabbage”.  So we’re quite literally dealing with Sour Cabbage.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, now on to the purpose of Sauerkraut Sundays… As I go through the week, I use Twitter to send out little updates and links.  I realize that I do this quite a bit and that not all of you use Twitter, so with that in mind I’d like to take Sunday to do sort of a week in review.  I’ve selected the most useful of my tweets from the last week and placed them in to the categories that I use in this blog.


  • I’m a Burgher livin in CLT atm RT @kristin_vstpgh: 10 years ago today I moved back home from Charlotte. Best decision I’ve made.

Personal Technology

  • So this is the last day of Lost, that’s 2 minutes of reading stupid Tweets that I get back every week from here on out!


  • HUGE News! #Pens and #Caps to play a game at Heinz Field on NYD!!!
  • Mike Madison: “The Igloo should go. It is not the Pantheon; it is not Penn Station.” Couldn’t agree more.
  • In March, Pittsbugh had more job growth then any other US City.


Technology News

  • Unless Albornoz is a pop culture reference I don’t get, there are 4 trending topics right now with nothing to do with the USA.
  • Today @cdixon blogs about Amazon beating up Google in a core area. I’ve speculated that his company is the bigger threat.

Unsolicited Advice

  • Solid Idea: A magazine delivered on iPad for iPad users. High income, homogeneous base.

Other (Mostly Humorous Comments from the Week)

  • So my Task Manager is Frozen, how do you kill that exactly?
  • The theme of this year’s memorial day weekend: Remember when memorial day meant I didn’t have to work?
  • I hope that in heaven Gary Coleman finds the peace that eluded him on Earth, and finally discovers what Willis was talking about.
  • Interviewer: What are 3 of your weaknesses? R: I don’t mean to brag, but I only have 2. Hookers and Blow.
  • If I see bud light and wheat make out in the elevator one more time I won’t be able to try it without feeling dirty.