Sunday Sauerkraut: German like Pizza is Italian Edition

Sunday Sauerkraut: German like Pizza is Italian Edition

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It’s a well known fact for US School children that Pizza and Spaghetti is actually of Chinese origin, brought back to Italy by Marco Polo; but a less known fact is that Sauerkraut is also originally a Chinese delicacy.  They call it Suan Cai and according to this Wikipedia article it is common across much of China and dates far enough back that the workers on the Great Wall may well have had Sauerkraut for lunch.

Now on to the purpose of Sauerkraut Sundays… As I go through the week, I use Twitter to send out little updates and links.  I realize that I do this quite a bit and that not all of you use Twitter, so with that in mind I’d like to take Sunday to do sort of a week in review.  I’ve selected the most useful of my tweets from the last week and placed them in to the categories that I use in this blog.


  • My spell check knows about Xerox but not about Netflix, I wonder how long that will be true.
  • I know I’m behind on the news, but AOL selling Bebo for <$10M should be grounds for investors to sue Randy Falco.


  • At lunch I had Japanese beef burgers with a guy from Kobe, Japan. Seriously.
  • Me 3 with Pelham 123 RT @rb4080: I think @BadAndyB has the right idea. I’m thinking movie night over #Pirates

National Politics

  • #Aussies RT @pevansgreenwood: An unmarried female atheist redheaded migrant Prime Minister? Who’s a communist now, Obama?

Personal Technology

  • The fail whale is approaching the beach in preparation for#worldcup game between #USA United States and Ghana
  • Hot off the presses, Google Voice ( ) no longer requires an invite. Go Try It.
  • In Office ’10 I can finally have two different PPTs open on two different screens an obvious innovation 15 years in the making.


  • I wish we were more metropolitan, but Pittsburgh is only the 61st largest city in the USA in terms of the city proper.


  • Ha! RT @TheOnion: BREAKING: Ghana Defeats United States’ Interest In Soccer
  • I’m sick of hearing how this was a step forward for USA Soccer. We lost to a country 1/10th our size. Practice More.
  • If mario lemieux played for the usa this would be tied
  • RT @ScottDMcCauley: Best outing with Indy. Morton 8IP R 2H 3K. Nothing hit hard, infield hit to 3rd scored run. Retired last 11 batters
  • Seriously, this tennis match has been suspended by darkness two days in a row. Almost 10 hours.


  • WordPress just released version 3.0. Any early adopters want to provide feedback?
  • This is big news for @foursquare’s evolution to profitability.

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