Sauerkraut Sunday: Weird Al Hates Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut Sunday: Weird Al Hates Sauerkraut

Awww – Big bowl of sauerkraut
Every single morning
It was driving me crazy

Now on to the real purpose of Sauerkraut Sundays… As I go through the week, I use Twitter to send out little updates and links.  I realize that I do this quite a bit and that not all of you use Twitter, so with that in mind I’d like to take Sunday to do sort of a week in review.  I’ve selected the most useful of my tweets from the last week and placed them in to the categories that I use in this blog.

A friend of mine reminded me that in the course of Sauerkraut Sundays, I haven’t used this Weird Al song.  It’s an odd one, but the central premise is that old Al was forced to eat Sauerkraut for breakfast as a boy.  If you’re a Weird Al fan, you might enjoy it while you read the tweets.

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