cityLAB’s 6% Project is an Interesting Way to Provide Stimulus

cityLAB’s 6% Project is an Interesting Way to Provide Stimulus

Local Pittsburgh “Do Tank” (as opposed to “Think Tank”) cityLAB has undertaken a fairly radical, and extremely interesting project around the Penn Avenue Arts Corridor (East End).  Citing a study that I couldn’t find on the internet, cityLAB believes that if they can get that region of the Burgh to a level of 6% creative class, it will pass the tipping point and a snowball-rolling-down-hill effect of creativity will result.  To forward this cause they have applied for and received a grant from Benedum Foundation.

While I have some skepticism in regards to the thesis (particularly if the grant is for a low amount), I LOVE the outside the box thinking.  I have complained before about the lack of creativity in awarding stimulus money to construction contracts and think this type of thing is much more likely to economically impact scores of people positively (and do so permanently).   I consider it a more positive step then Mayor Ravenstahl’s new High Tech Task Force (here’s a link to Mike Madison’s review of the Task Force, which I’m inclined to agree with).

I’ll do my best to keep you posted with the results of their project.

  • Sara

    Dear Jonathan:

    I just found your post from last year and wanted to point you towards the relevant report from CEOs for Cities, which is downloadable as a PDF from cityLAB’s website:

    Thank you for keeping up with cityLAB, both on your blog and on Twitter — we will be hosting a community meeting in Garfield on September 7 to unveil the next phase of Six Percent Place and would love for you to come (and write about it):

    Keep up the good work!

    Kind regards,
    Sara Blumenstein