Sunday Sauerkraut: Airport Reuben Dip Edition

Sunday Sauerkraut: Airport Reuben Dip Edition

I’m going to be in airports or on airplanes ALL day, which got me to thinking… are there any good places to get Sauerkraut in an airport.  Well it doesn’t look like I can get any in the airports I’ll be in today (Spokane, Pheonix and LA), but you can get the delicious Sauerkraut Reuben described above somewhere in the Marion Airport in Iowa according the 9/10 issue of Fly Iowa.

On to the real purpose of Sauerkraut Sundays… As I go through the week, I use Twitter to send out little updates and links.  I realize that I do this quite a bit and that not all of you use Twitter, so with that in mind I’d like to take Sunday to do sort of a week in review.  I’ve selected the most useful of my tweets from the last week and placed them in to the categories that I use in this blog.

Pittsburgh AND Startups/Social Media!!!


  • Thoughtful article from Andy Kessler of WSJ, “Is your job endangered?”
  • Alan Patricof’s BI article on the IPO market is a good read on a subject we’d all love to have to deal with.

Local Politics

  • via@JanePitt “[unions] protect their members, but who is going to protect us from what some of the unions have become?”


  • I think I’ll have to read Kessler’s new book. Which reminds me, I still haven’t read Kessler’s OLD book.
  • I just ousted @psylum as the mayor of Primanti Bros. on @foursquare!
  • Waking up in EST and drinking in PST makes for a long and interesting night.

National News

Personal Technology

  • In my industry, no more important news item today then the fact that Redbox might partner with Amazon on streaming.


Social Media

  • The presentation @cdixon gave at Google NYC, it’s on social graphs and worth a read…
  • Interesting Post: Social Media is not just for customers, Dell’s innovative new Investor Relations.
  • Interesting report on the value of social media to businesses, in dollars and cents.


  • New @msuster article, “Can you build a great tech firm outside silicon valley?” Doesnt cover new ground, but enjoyable
  • First real tangible thing I’ve seen out of the new TechStars Network, push for a single application:
  • Great comment from Lebo native Mark Cuban, “this isn’t a bubble, it’s a pyramid scheme.”


  • First Day of Spring Training!!! Who are the Steelers Anyway?

Tech News

  • Maybe it’s because of my enterprise background, but continuous deployment scares me. I’m trying to learn.
  • Interesting question from @DaveWiner, if MS broke the law by integrating platform/app how’s Twitter any different?
  • Interesting… Zynga’s latest PE valuation may put it higher then EA. Starting to sound like a bubble.

Unsolicited Advice

  • Justin of tells a very interesting story (his own) as a guest blogger on TechCrunch:


Blog Posts from this blog:

  • Blog Post: Could an unprofitable Pandora’s IPO cause the current VC bubble to pop?
  • Blog Post: Can/Should we regulate the sale of influence in this new world of social media?
  • Blog Post: The difference in funding between Silicon Valley and the Midwest (or anywhere) is STAGGERING
  • Blog Post: I believe Apple could keep their OS and hardware bundled OR charge 30% to content producers, but both?