All The President’s Yinzers

All The President’s Yinzers

I thought I’d pass on the following notice I became aware of via an email to Pittsburgh bloggers.

SBA and the White House are asking entrepreneurs for their ideas on which federal regulations and processes should be changed to foster entrepreneurship and we’ll be in your area in the coming weeks. We’ve also created an online tool to house submissions — — where anyone can comment and vote on them. The process is quick, easy, and simple – and will drive real change. At the end of the in-person and online engagements, we are writing a report to the President that will incorporate the top feedback from the roundtable events and online comments.

For example, one business owner wants to simplify tax reporting. This morning, someone proposed establishing a “startup concierge” to walk aspiring startups through the regulatory process and permits.

To help answer your questions about Reducing Barriers, or other Obama Administration initiatives to foster innovation, we’ve set up a conference call for members of the (new) media with the senior SBA official responsible for high-growth business programs, Associate Administrator Sean Greene:

Conference call with SBA Associate Administrator Sean Greene

Friday, April 8 at 1pm EST


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  • The White House is going to get a lot of unrealistic responses. The one about simplifying tax reporting is a common one with everyone. There will be those who want a tax break to things they use in their personal life.