When I Have This Kind of Weather on a Holiday…

When I Have This Kind of Weather on a Holiday…

…you don’t get much of a blog post.

That said, I have had a few miscellaneous thoughts on my mind that I thought might entertain you:

  1. LinkedIn’s IPO scares me a little bit.  When you compare it to Twitter and Facebook, I think it is the weakest social network… I think that long term, people will not want to separate their professional lives from their social lives and will prefer to live in a more Creative Class, Free Agent Nation type environment where work becomes an extension of who they are and what they like to do.  Well, LinkedIn is about what you do for money, and I’m hoping there isn’t much of a market in that as the new economy emerges.  That said, LinkedIn went first and, no matter what, they will become a benchmark for the days that Twitter and Facebook go public.  If that benchmark is sufficiently low enough it could pop our bubble.  Not saying it will be that low, just saying it could be.
  2. Someone at Social Times is using their head.  A potential merger of Google and Sprint would be very interesting indeed.  Imagine a phone company that could create customer loyalty by differentiating on what they offer in phones (an integrated google voice, google talk, gmail, phone communication device) instead of trying to sucker you with long term contracts.  Could shake up the smart phone world as we know it today.

Agree with me?  Think either of these should be further developed in to their own post?

  • Brett Satterfield

    #2 is a very interesting thought!  Do Sprint investors want to be bought out?  I would imagine they would take it if Google offered a sweet enough deal.  Does Google want to be in a very capital intensive business?  I’m not too sure they do.  Google seems to be investing in everything Cloud (i.e. storage, music subscription services, etc.).  I haven’t done any research, so my comments should be taken with a grain of salt. 

    Jon, on a related not, have you heard about Towerstream’s attempt to make Manhattan all WiFi?  http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/11_23/b4231036687850.htm?campaign_id=yhoo

    • The Sprint thing is just speculation at this point, only because the collaboration between Google and Sprint and the consolidation that’s occurring in that industry (particularly AT&T buying T-Mobile).

      I hadn’t seen that particular article, but I am aware of the effort.  There have been a number of them, even Pittsburgh had a company try to put in WiFi a few years back.  The problem is the amount of repeaters it takes and the difficulty in allowing people to switch from one access point to another without dropping the connection.  I think the efforts are (and will continue to become) less and less relevant as cellular data connections become cheaper and more effective.  That’s my opinion anyway.