The ToDo List

The ToDo List

For years I have been very particular about the way I run my ToDo list.  It involves a full whiteboard and tracking all of things I need to do for all the projects I’m working on, then each morning moving a few of them over to my daily schedule.  Its worked for me for years, but it has one notable weakness; I don’t have space for the whiteboard in my bag so I have to wing it when I’m on the road.  So I went looking for a mobile/web tool that solved my problem, and GQueues was the runaway winner.

GQueues is a web-based app that allows you to track a number of queues over a number of projects.  I have queues for the startup I’m working with down in Charlotte, for research I’m doing, for the blog, etc… and I can easily drag tasks out of those queues in to today’s queues.  Even better, I’ve started up queues for each day of the week and move schedules around that way.

The app is entirely web-based so not only do I have my task list when I travel; I have it when I am working off my laptop in my bedroom or the one in my living room or even on my phone (the GQueues guys have built a nice little HTML 5 mobile app that runs online or off).  It’s fantastic.

The last bragging I’ll do is to point out that it integrates seemlessly with Google Apps, allowing me to assign tasks to anyone in my Google Apps domain (right now that’s just my brother, and he’s not totally thrilled by the feature).

It has made me wonder about the little market place that Google has built around apps that expand Google Apps.  It seems to me that it won’t take long before virtually every little add-on (like todo lists) will be better in Google Apps then it is in Office 365.  Think Microsoft would ever try opening up a set of APIs and setting up a little market place?