Upgrading My Home on the Web

Upgrading My Home on the Web

A screen shot from the new site!

Assuming you’re reading this through a browser, you probably noticed that I’ve been sprucing up the site.  I knew it was time to build a site that explained who I was a little better and gave the blog a bit more engaging interface.  If you’d like to explore a little, the “About Me” menu on the upper left will take you to pages that talk a little more about my passions in  life.  The blog has a glossy new front cover, but the same URL (any links to old posts or existing blogrolls won’t be harmed).

For the nerds…  I had been using a Liferay instance for my home page and a WordPress instance for my blog.  The primary intent at the time had been to learn Liferay for a work project, and that need has run its course.  The entire site is now in one WordPress instance which makes it a lot easier to manage and work with.  I used a nice, highly-customizable template from Solostream (though I’d warn you that if you don’t know the first thing about Javascript or CSS, you might run in to trouble).

There are still a number of things I’d like to do with the site (a video for the opening page, better caricatures, Twitter integration), but it was close enough to share with everyone.  Let me know if you notice any bugs or major editing gaffs.

  • Anonymous

    I like the new site.  Who did those caricatures of you?  They are really good, oh wait, I bet I know who….

    • Nope, wasn’t him. I think our mutual friend doodle’s to pass the time… if I asked him for specific doodles he would probably doodle to something else to procrastinate.

      I thought this one (the one for technologist) turned out ok, but I actually wasn’t very excited about a couple of the other ones.  Oh well, works for now.