Sauerkraut Sunday: Savoring Holiday Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut Sunday: Savoring Holiday Sauerkraut

I have linked to a lot of great stories on Sauerkraut during this weekly Sunday feature.  What I haven’t done until today is given you a story that you can listen to.  Today though, I’m linking to NPR’s Julie Rose’s story of how her family Cherishes Holiday Sauerkraut and the recording online.  This seems especially appropriate to me, since most of the reading I do is via Audiobook.  So enjoy her little heartwarming tale and (of course) all my recent tweets.

On to the purpose of Sauerkraut Sundays… As I go through the week, I use Twitter to send out little updates and links.  I realize that I do this quite a bit and that not all of you use Twitter, so with that in mind I’d like to take Sunday to do sort of a week in review.  I’ve selected the most useful of my tweets from the last week and placed them in to the categories that I use in this blog.

Pittsburgh AND Startups/Social Media!!!

  • Former Burghers Susan and Eric Koger of @ModCloth are featured in the USA Today:
  • RT @GetPromotd: Event Promotion: Is It Time to Try Something New?- (via @constantcontact)
  • It’s very exciting to have Schell Games and Jesse Schell in the Burgh. Buy his latest project before it’s made.
  • On the topic of Jesse Schell, loved his ’10 TED talk, learned a TON about gaming industry from it (still relevant)…
  • That’s right, I subscribe to @glitzburgh) it’s not all hand bags and perfume

Enterprise IT

  • RT @jasonpnoel:Official: I’m joining long term partner @Adaptivity to further enhance their focus on cloud transformation software/services!
  • Blog Post: VMWare is doing something really cool with Cloud Foundary, I’m thinking of some comparable businesses:


  • RT @SenoritaCibulka: Bye-bye, Pittfall << I loved this ride.
  • My flight doubled as a screaming baby nursery this afternoon, fantastic!
  • The trimmings for my holiday party.
  • This week is one of my favorite ones to work. So many people say “let’s get together in the new year” so few say “let me bug you RIGHT NOW”
  • I hate database problems, you have to frickin query and requery for HOURS till you figure out who made what silly mistake.
  • After an hour and a half at Verizon… I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Xyboard tablet. They make you work for it.
  • RT @Adaptivity: Taking the day off from developing nifty software, but we still noticed Amazon’s cool new ENI feature:

National Politics:

  • The shortage of H1-Bs in this country is one of the DUMBEST things we do.

Personal Technology:


  • Awesome 360 degree view of last night’s #Steelers tailgate. Make sure to switch to full-screen view.
  • Two and a Half Men Director is a Burgher who’ll be producing a WQED talk show starting next year.
  • Nice recap from Bill Fanagan of @imaginePGH with links to all the national and international coverage of the Burgh:
Social Media
  • The Pandora Holiday Radio Station Feature is AWESOME just start a new radio station with “<Artist> (holiday)”!


  • RT @cdixon: There aren’t too many funded startups, but there are too many funded consumer internet startups.

Tech News

  • In this great @msuster post, he debunks one of Tech’s current favorite myths, “Apps will kill browsers”

Unsolicitied Advice:

  • RT @ReligionPoisons: Bigotry wrapped in prayer is still bigotry.

Other (often humorous little bits I’ve seen/heard):

  • I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I have never seen the State Store more crowded. #MerryChristmas #Family
  • RT @Jesus: Just once, I’d like a surprise birthday party.
  • RT @btmerr: I’m engaging in the sacred holiday tradition of removing all of the malware from my parents computer and making the printer work.

Blog Posts from this blog:

  • Blog Post: Why hasn’t Google shuttered ChromeOS? They still have half-baked enterprise dreams.
  • Blog Post: Most disappointing thing about the Kindle Fire; Silk Cloud Acceleration actually slows down the web.
  • Blog Post: The progress Amazon has made in getting cloud deployed is good, but there’s a long way to go.
  • Blog Post: VMWare is doing something really cool with Cloud Foundary, I’m thinking of some comparable businesses:
  • Blog Post: I think reading in my personal time is going to help me at work… or maybe I’m just making excuses.
  • Blog Post: Learning from other Startups – Atlassian’s Core Values
  • Blog Post: Michael Lewis’ latest book Boomerang, is an interesting story of how cities and countries became insolvent.
  • Blog Post: A recap of some of the best #PittsburghFearFactor quotes