Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I came face to face with the downside of working for a startup this week.  Unlike a super-sized corporation, small ones have a tendency to change directions in a hurry.  The company I have spent the last few years at decided last week to make the strategic move of cutting a fair bit of their development in order to focus on selling the products that we have already built.  Unfortunately that means that there is not nearly as much need for the strategic thinkers and designers in the Product Management team.

With the company moving away (for now) from building things (my true passion) it is time for me to go.  I spent a splendid week last week in Charlotte shaking hands and sharing memories with one of the best teams I’ve worked with.  The only hard parts came when I had to educate the sales staff (who’ll be stuck demoing the product without me).  It was hard to walk through the product on screen and see just how much progress the team and I had made over the past 7 months and it was really challenging to see the things I still wanted to do and know that I wouldn’t be around to see them implemented.  When I became the product manager of what is today called Visualization Studio, it was an undurused feature of another tool.  In the past 7 months we have turned it in to Adaptivity’s most used product.  A job is supposed to be just a job, but I have never been able to look at it that way.  Adaptivity’s Visualization Studio was my first software product and it was my baby, it was unimaginably hard to leave it just as it was growing in to its own man.

Last week I focused on making my peace with leaving Adaptivity, and this week my focus turns to finding my next gig(s).  I have had a humbling number of ex-colleagues reach out to me and several of them have pointed to me some potentially amazing opportunities.  I have a couple meetings with personal mentors over the next couple days so that I can begin to sort out what it is I want exactly and how I weight things like money, travel, benefits, working for a startup, etc…  From what I’ve seen so far, it’s going to be a very interesting next couple of weeks.  If you know anyone who might be interested in chatting with me, feel free to pass on my resume or say so in the comments or drop me an email jonathancavell .<at>. gmail .<dot>. com.

  • Dave Brillhart

    You’ll be fine Jon! You’ve got a powerful resume and a great attitude. I’m not so sure about your ex-employer. Never a good sign when R&D (product/offering development) is axed and a company resorts to just selling what is (left) on the cart. Most likely they are making the books look good (revenue per employee, cutting expense) in preparation for being acquired. It’ll be exciting to see what your next gig will be. Onward and upward. Enjoy what limited time off you might have. And get ready for your next adventure!