Live From Washington, DC

Live From Washington, DC

It it seems like its been a while since I posted, it’s because it has been.  Twenty-nine days to be exact, my longest drought in a couple of years.  Hopefully this post will not only end that drought, but explain its existence.

Remember Cavell & Cavell, that consulting company I formed a few months ago?  Well we’re on to our second client, another financial, this time in Washington, DC.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Morgan Stanley and I find the project there as interesting as ever, but I was able to transition the work I was doing into the CTO’s organization and move on to what promises to be an even more interesting project.

The financial services firm I’m working with is looking to modernize and standardize the way it approaches software development with a focus on reducing development expenses and increasing the effectiveness of its software.  This engagement gives me the opportunity to dust off my old development hat and create a way to leverage the tried and true concepts of IT Service Management, IT Outsourcing, and IT as a Business at the software development level.

This particular financial firm asked me to contract at a fixed rate (without paying travel expenses), so Cavell & Cavell really had to dig its heals in to work out the logistics.  The last two weeks have consisted of leasing out the house I own in Pittsburgh, acquiring a smaller place there, moving between the two, renting an apartment in DC, and buying a car reliable enough to move between “worlds”.  It has been an exciting process and I’m looking forward to seeing what the DC area has to offer (there are several friends and loved ones down here, so I should be able to make the most of it).

I’m also excited to have everything wrapped up so that I can go back to keeping up with Technology and Pittsburgh news at the rate that I used to.  I’m hoping to resume my usual level of interaction both here and over on Twitter.  As always, feel free to reach out.