Back In Action

Back In Action

The Future

A little over two months ago I landed in Washington, DC and was happy to tell you all that I was back in the blogging business after a brief brake.  Turns out, I was full of it.  Life got really exciting down here in DC as the project I’m working on within Fannie Mae picked up exposure and some initial success.  That lead to 60, 70 hour weeks combined with lots of weekend travel.  Long story short, I didn’t have time to blog, let alone to think about what I wanted this blog to be.

I needed to think about what I wanted the blog to be because I am, once again, back in full workaholic mode and not really spending much time in Pittsburgh.  For a few years now, this blog has been focused on Pittsburgh and Startups.  I didn’t really focus on specific types of startups, I looked at companies from sports technology to event promotion.  My career has kept me mostly focused on the enterprise though.  I have consulted for IBM, helped start an enterprise focused startup and independently consulted for two of the largest financial companies in the world.  This time has lead me to the realization that my real calling is helping these corporations better utilize IT to both better enable their customers and create better efficiency in the economy.  This doesn’t mean I don’t still have startup aspirations, it just means they’re enterprise-based.

Another thing has become obvious over the last couple months though, I miss blogging.  In the last couple months I’ve noticed things like Oracle’s cloud announcements, Microsoft’s Windows 8 and Surface Offerings, InformationWeek’s interesting opinions on outsourcing and countless other stories that I have opinions on.  When I’m active in blogging, I take the time to read up on these things, educate myself, create clear opinions and discuss them with friends and colleagues.  When I’m not blogging I’m simply left with a mental to-do list of things I need to think about.

Bringing all of these thoughts together, I’ve decided to reshape this blog to meet my life where it is in three ways:

  1. The blogging that really makes me happy is when I completely explore an issue from top to bottom.  I simply do not have time to do this on a daily basis.  With that in mind, I’m going to cut back my blogging to once or twice a week.  I intend to blog every single Friday and most Mondays.
  2. I’m going to have a more enterprise focus.  That’s not to say I won’t still be fascinated by consumer companies like the Twitters and Facebooks of the world, nor that I’ll ignore them completely here.  It does mean that a higher percentage of my posts will either be about enterprise startups (like my old company) or about enterprise topics (like cloud computing).
  3. The blog will have a little less of a Pittsburgh focus.  Pittsburgh will always be my favorite place in the entire world, but DC has a lot going for me at the moment; I love the job I have here and really feel like I’m making a positive direction for what is a surprisingly fun company to work for, I’ve reconnected with a few college friends that live down here and made a couple new ones, and I’ve met a really amazing woman who loves DC the way I love Pittsburgh.  With all this, I think I’ll be spending the vast majority of my time in DC over at least the next couple months and probably won’t be able to provide as much insight in to Pittsburgh and it’s tech scene as I used to.

I hope you’ll be sticking with me for these new changes, and I look forward to continuing a great discussion of technology!

  • Anonymous

    Good to see you back behind the wheel of the blog. Blog away. But, we do reserve the right to request that you return the “H” some day in the future.