I’m Back

I’m Back

I haven’t been posting here much and the reason is simple.  For the last several months I have been struggling to learn what I want to have an opinion about.  I was last a regular blogger in June of 2012.  At the time I was living in Pittsburgh, had just started my own company, and was working primarily in the CTO side of the shop on infrastructure, cloud, and datacenter problems.  The theme of the blog then was “Tech Startups, Pittsburgh, and ideally the confluence of the two.”  Now, I’m living in DC, working for Fannie Mae (not exactly a startup), and focusing on how to build software.  I had to learn what I wanted the new direction to be, which of the changes I was making were part of my identity and which were just a phase.  I think I know the answers, but only time will tell.

The New Direction
The new direction is going to be more about enterprise IT.  I want to focus on both the CIO and CTO sides of the shop.  I still have a lot of opinions about cloud computing and the future (or lack of future) of infrastructure and the datacenter, but I’m also fascinated by my current role helping Fannie Mae deliver better software, faster.  I think both the CIO and CTO sides of IT are primed for major disruption, and that means that I’ll still be focused on entrepreneurship. I think enterprise IT is ripe for big disruptions from little companies, and I’m going to be looking for those companies.

Unfortunately, I won’t be spending as much time focusing on Pittsburgh.  I love the scene there, but without being able to attend great events like Open Coffee Club and Demo Day or have lunch with entrepreneurs, I just don’t feel like I can provide value reporting on it.  I have started to poke around twitter and the world wide web for info on some of the startups and accelerators in DC, and you might see a post or two on that.

The First Few Posts
Over the next couple of weeks I want to write a few posts about some of the changes, including posts on:

  • Why I chose to work for a company in conservatorship
  • My relationship with Pittsburgh
  • What I’m reading now (a new blog roll)
  • Jules

    Hey Jonathan …. might be interesting for you to investigate the different interpretations of the CIO and CTO roles …. I’ve discovered that they can vary industry to industry, company to company …..

    • Jules, thanks for the comment. For the post, I considered CIO to be equal to software selection and development and CTO to be equal to infrastructure and DC.

      I’ve been focused lately on companies in the financial services sector… may have forgotten that not everyone spends ~10% of revenue on IT. I’ve found in smaller shops that the CIO is really more like a CTO (there isn’t much development, and these days the business usually selects the software itself).

  • I noticed an error… Fannie is in conservatorship, not receivership… VERY different things.

  • Anonymous

    I like the change in direction. I have taken a hiatus myself. Welcome back!