The 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

The 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

In 2014 I got much better about tracking my successes and failures thanks to both improvements in technology and my discipline.  I intend to use these improvements in order to make my goals stick.  This year I’ve added a few metrics under most of my goals and even created one that’s based on tracking.  I suppose these are resolutions unto themselves, but I am looking them mostly as a support for a primary goal.

  1. Be in 4 hour marathon shape.  Last year I set the 4 hour marathon goal as something I wanted to do to prove a certain level of fitness.  I didn’t even come close to achieving it.  This year I’m going to try again, coming in to the year in a lot better shape and hopefully avoiding injury. Also, I want to not only reach that level With that in mind, some of the supporting goals are based on obtaining that level of shape and others are based on a full year worth of workouts that maintain it.

    1. Reach my target weight by 3/7/2015 (because running a marathon at a certain speed takes not carrying extra weight around).  This will be done through watching my calorie intake.

    2. Run the Pittsburgh Marathon.  I am already registered and would love for this to be the one I run in 4 hours, but I do have a backup plan.

    3. Run the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis.  This is a significantly faster course than the Pittsburgh Marathon (one of the most difficult marathon courses in the country).  If I fail to do the Pittsburgh in 4 hours this marathon will give me a few extra months to train, cooler weather, and that nice flat course.

    4. Run 2000 miles in 2015.  Last year I ran just over 1000 miles and that was with only one marathon to train for and a period of a few months where I didn’t run much at all.  This year I’m going for almost double.  Just for fun, to achieve that my average pace in 2015 would have to be about ¼ mile per hour.

  2. Improve my Look.  I haven’t really revamped the wardrobe in a while and now that I am in a little better shape it seems like time.

    1. Follow Fashion (since I’ve been out of it for a while I’ve subscribed to a couple magazines and blogs to stay in the know).

    2. Shop More Thoroughly.  I have a habit of hunting for clothes instead of shopping for them.  This has lead to a wardrobe that’s functional but doesn’t really create identity.

  3. Good Habits.  There are a few little things about my routine that are not ideal.  I know they cost me a little bit of time each day or frustrate me in some way and I am determined to wipe them out this year.

    1. Straightening up my apartment before I leave in the morning.  I’m always more productive when the apartment is clean.  I track this every morning.  The apartment should be clean 90% of the time when I leave in the morning.

    2. Never hitting the snooze bar.  It’s not good sleep anyway and it can waste 20 minutes (or maybe sometimes an hour) each morning.  I plan to set my alarm so that I get enough sleep and then WAKE UP when it goes off.  I track this every morning and am hoping to meet the goal 90% of the time.

    3. Not watching TV to go to sleep.  Reading or catching up on email instead.  Another little time sink from my days.  I track this goal daily and hope to achieve it 90% of the time.

  4. Write an App.  There was a time when I would occasionally sit down at my computer and hammer out a little application that did this or that.  I started one that was a cloud decision engine and another that was a social media management platform.  Both projects were ambitious and I was hoping would be commercial successes some day.  I’m never going to be a hands on developer again professionally, but I think it is important to keep my skills current.  With that in mind I just want to build something fun this year.  The current leader in what to build is a little app to manage Football predictions.