I’m Moving To NYC!

I’m Moving To NYC!

I intend to write a few posts during what is going to be a HUGE March for me, but let’s start with the facts.  The moving truck above is loaded up with my stuff and headed to New York!  I have resigned my Development Manager role at Fannie Mae and accepted a Director position with the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).  I will be overseeing the development and maintenance of their service catalogs.  They also have strategically placed this particular software development team alongside their efforts at infrastructure Automation (including API/config driven infrastructure) in an effort to both inform that effort and create a case study in how dev teams can use those technologies.  I will be starting on 3/6/2017 and I’m sure will be sharing more on the new job as I learn more.

In addition to the move of companies, I’ll be making one of cities!  I will be leaving Washington, DC and moving to New York!  The job itself is in the Goldman building in Jersey City (though RBC also has offices in WFC), but I plan to live in Manhattan.  I estimate that I have spent about ~200 weeks in New York on business so it’s not totally foreign, but I still have a lot to learn to become an actual New Yorker.  My new place is in the Financial District just two blocks south of the World Trade Center on Greenwich St (The 1 Train to Rector will put you literally on my doorstep, but there’s lots of other good ways to get there).  If you’re a New Yorker feel free to reach out with places to try in my first few weekends or, better yet, come get a drink with me and welcome me to your town!

Over the next couple weeks for a few reflective posts on these pages.  I’d like to spend a little time talking about some of my lessons learned.  I have some thoughts/drafts on the topics below, but would be interested to hear if anyone has any suggestions.

  1. Dos/Don’ts of Contracting Development Work
  2. Hiring a Development Team
  3. How Companies Should Measure Their Agility
  4. DevTesAnaBizOps
  5. Thoughts on Leaving DC (Saving People vs Serving People)
  • Theresa Smith

    Congrats on the new job and move. I miss living in NYC sometimes, so enjoy it. Rakka Cafe for falafel in the LES is one I recommend.