The 2018 Resolutions

The 2018 Resolutions

The last few years my goals have remained roughly the same.  Consequently, it hasn’t been necessary to state goals/resolutions for a particular year explicitly.  With my move to New York, my completion of a 4 hour marathon, and the start of a job/career I’m really enjoying within Royal Bank of Canada, most of those goals are now complete.  With that in mind, here are the resolutions for 2018.

Resolution 1: Settle in to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

I set a goal in 2014 of running a marathon in under 4 hours.  In November of 2017, I (finally!) achieved that.  The problem is that I managed to accomplish that feat at the same weight I was when I set the goal in the first place!  When I got close to the marathon I let myself carb up figuring that a few extra pounds at the race would be less damaging then failing some of my training runs due to a lack of nutrients.  I guess that worked, but it leaves me a few pounds overweight, in spite of some of the best cardio shape of my life.

My goal in 2018 is to get down to my target weight and then to settle in to a mix of good diet and workouts that lets me maintain it.  Specifically the goal will be to be in my target weight range for the entire 4th quarter of 2018.  That means I have until the end of third quarter to drop the few extra pounds and then 4th quarter to play with different exercise/diet strategies to keep me there.

Resolution 2:  Write 25 blog posts.

Full sentences are harder to write. They have verbs. The paragraphs have topic sentences. There is no way to write a six-page, narratively structured memo and not have clear thinking.
-Jeff Bezos

I came across this quote from Jeff Bezos in an article on him, and I love it.  While writing may not always be the best way to communicate your idea, it’s usually a good way to test your reasoning.  I do this a lot at work.  People will often get a meeting invite from me with a 2 page memo written in it.  The memo is really for me, the meeting invite is because I know that most people won’t read it and I’ll have to walk through it.  The reason for making the resolution about blog posts is to encourage me to take the time to apply that level of rigor outside of work a couple times per month.

Resolution 3:  Make Leave The House Out of It publicly available.

In 2015 I set a goal of writing an application that would extend a little football pool that I used to run with one friend to one with a league of a dozen or so.  I actually did do this successfully, and it is currently running in its 3rd iteration during the 2017 NFL season.  The basic concept and data architecture would easily allow for multiple leagues, but I have not added administrative screens for league commissioners nor is the performance good enough to accommodate a large number of participants.  During the off-season this year, my goal will be to replatform the application in to a micro-service based app and add the additional functionality.  This won’t just allow me to have a better application, but will also give me some practice with technologies that my team at RBC is using.  More to come on this, I’m sure!