I have worked for companies as big as IBM and as small as my brother and I, but a thread that runs through my career is the desire to find markets and make products for them.  Even in my current role at Fannie Mae, I run a development team that builds and maintains a product and serves countless customers.  While I find that rewarding, I also have a couple other entrepreneurial pursuits.  While there isn’t a profit motive with any of these, they help me learn either by playing with new technologies or by reading :

This Blog – I have enjoyed blogging on and off since 2007.  While it’s found a spotlight occasionally, I mostly do it for myself.  I find that writing a blog post forces me to collect my thoughts about a book that I’ve read, a technology that I’ve just learned about, or a management concept that I’m noodling.  Having the occasional reader or two keeps me honest and makes me double check my logic to be sure I’m not missing anything that I’ll be mocked for later.

  • Software:  The blog runs on WordPress.
  • Hardware:  To get a little experience with Amazon EC2, I am hosting it on an Amazon Linux EC2 instance where I’ve installed and configured Apache, MySQL, and WordPress myself.

Leave The House Out of It – I run a little “Fantasy Football” like game with a few of my friends.  At some point I will put together a post that explains the thinking behind it, but it essentially lets us compete against each other picking “against the spread” on NFL football games.  At the time of writing the 2016 season is winding to close and I am 45-36-2!

  • Front End:  Javascript
  • Back End:  Rest based Web Services developed with/on Google App Engine’s “Cloud Endpoints” framework.
  • Database:  MySQL hosted on Google App Engine’s “Cloud SQL” PaaS