Ok, let’s be honest here… I’m not really an “athlete.”  Haven’t been able to claim that since I was cut from the High School Tennis Team.  However, over the years I have learned to enjoy a few sports.  More than anything else, I love to run.  It keeps me in shape, gives me a few minutes to shut the brain off and lets me feel like I’m accomplishing something (even on the days when everything else is working against me).  I’ve run the Pittsburgh Marathon twice and remain active in the occasional distance race!

As competitive as I am, I also enjoy sports where I can compete with a person instead of just a clock.  Which is why I love racquetball, squash, tennis and handball.  I play racquetball, squash and tennis as often as I can in both DC and Herndon and am just starting to pickup on DC’s tradition of great softball.  If you’re interested in a friendly match or game, feel free to get in touch.

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