These pages talk a lot about my work.  That’s for a good reason: I work a lot and tend to define myself that way.  That’s not all there is to me though.  I have long been a connoisseur of many of life’s finer things and that continues today.  Among my favorite things in the world (outside of a well done job) are:

  • Above Average Conversation – I’m a sucker for a good conversation whether it be sports, politics, “what would you do with a billion dollars?” or trying to guess how the four people in the next booth know each other.
  • Walloon Lake – My family has been vacationing at a log cabin on Walloon lake known as “Breezes Over Walloon” since the mid 1930s when my Great Grandfather bought the place.  It’s picturesque views and crisp mornings have framed many of my favorite moments with my family.
  • Great Food / Cooking – I may only be 12.5% Italian, but it does not stop me from enjoying the food.  When I left DC, my trips to the strip district to pick up fresh ingredients from the market and supplies from Penn Mac got replaced by Brookville Supermarket and Vace Deli in DC, but I still love to cook a bit.  I also have to admit that DC’s restaurant scene has quite a few more options than Pittsburgh’s, and I have enjoyed trying as many as I can.
  • Craft Beer – I’m partial to IPAs and enjoy everything this side of a really rough stout or a really fruity hefeweizen.  My name’s still on the wall at Fat Heads in Pittsburgh, but you can now catch me surveying the selection at Vinters in Adam’s Morgan or the liquor store in Cleveland Park.
  • Coffee – I am more than a bit of a coffee snob.  I like it black, so the coffee itself better not need to hide behind fruity creamers.  I have 3 coffee makers (French Press, Drip, and Espresso) and 2 coffee grinder in my studio apartment and I love nothing more than the fancy coffee shops on my trips to NYC.
  • Scotch Whiskey – I got hooked on Scotch back in college and have been a bit of a connoisseur ever since.  I always have about a dozen different bottles on my bar, most of them from Islay.
  • Fine Cigars – I have been a member down at Blooms Cigar in Pittsburgh for the better part of the last decade and remain one even though I live in DC instead of South Side.  I love to try new and well-known cigars from their huge selection (as well as the occasional imported one, if you know what I mean).  I know a lot of great people who smoke cigars and there’s no finer repellent for others who would join the conversation then lighting up.
  • A Day Baseball Game – I know that loving Pittsburgh means I’m supposed to be a Steeler fan first, and I do love the Steelers, but baseball is my favorite sport.  I love the stats, the day-in-day-out grind of the season, watching prospects crawl up the minor league system and a sport that’s slow enough paced that I can get some work done while I watch it.

I know this sounded a little bit like a dating profile, but I wanted to give the internet a glimpse in to the kinds of things I do when I’m not growing a company or going for a run.

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