The Blog of Burgher Jon Returns!

I’m sure the nearly no one who almost never read it will rejoice.  It’s not a cgrand re-entry; I’m as ambivelant as ever about how many people read or enjoy it.  It’s back online because I have missed having a place for long form expression. I enjoy thinking through something long enough to have a coherent thought on it and I have found the best way to be sure those thoughts are coherent is to put them somewhere where someone might read them.

If you’re curious… the old blog posts, all 1050 or so of them, are gone forever.  Around this time last year I was cleaning up my AWS account and inadvertently deleted the instance that had my blog on it.  Any of you that have worked with me professionally will appreciate the humor in the fact that I, for a brief moment, was forced to recognize the importance of segregation of duties!